Monday, August 30, 2010

pacheco & pavon's read comics in public day project

so last saturday was the first-ever international read comics in public day, and webcomickers teddy pavon and hub pacheco did this thing to celebrate: teddy made a papercraft model of eli, the hero of their work in progress webcomic, and hub took it around the city for a wonderfully geeky photoshoot.

see the rest of the pics here

and read their comic here

Friday, August 27, 2010

UNO magazine illustration

so i did a one-page illustration for UNO's july issue, the one with aubrey miles' boobs on the cover.

it was a high-concept "wordless" issue: images would tell the stories instead of fat chunks of text. my bit was supposed to be a film review or essay, in pictures, about four major hollywood releases coming out that month.

apol st. maria and manix abrera also did one-pagers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

joker and lex

by brian azzarello and lee bermejo:

click to embiggen.


school run #2 now available!

get it at sputnik comics in cubao x for only P15!

should also be available at comic odyssey robinson's galleria by this saturday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my favorite MCC 2010 moment

i was sitting at the komikon booth when one of the white-uniformed security guards walked past, holding a sheet of bond paper in his right hand.

it was partially rolled up, each end carefully tucked between thumb and forefinger so there would be no creases in the middle. he stopped briefly to unfurl the sheet and glance at what was written inside--a pencil sketch of his own likeness. he lifted his head and looked around as though slightly alarmed, then walked a few more steps, stopped, and peered again at his portrait. after several heartbeats he began walking again and i lost sight of him.

from rj ledesma's twitter :D

My goddaughter took my copy of Taal Volcano monster vs Evil Space Paru Paro bec my dad read it to her like it was a bedtime story. And the artwork was extremely engaging & child friendly :)


pahabol MCC pics

forgot to upload these:

bayan knights getting some hero tv facetime.

the devanta takip silim i told you about yesterday--"best in filipino komiks" cosplay winner.

plus, i loved these pics from meganon comics' fb page:

Monday, August 23, 2010

metro comic con 2010: pics n' stuff

my haul this year includes some priceless original art from dj legaspi and mel casipit. thanks guys!

i got to sit at the komikon booth (thanks to jon zamar, syeri baet and the rest of the komikon peeps!). that's gio paredes at the right and lico reloj at upper left--his fifty peso ninja was the very first indie i bought at the first komikon back in '05. in between is markus of, who was kind enough to mind our tables for us while we walked around and stuff. being a comics blogger, he was almost as knowledgeable about our stuff as we were!

it was a pleasure to see entire families trooping to the con. feedback from children regarding school run 2's brutal zombie attack scene ranged from "it was cool!" to "meh, i read 4chan so nothing new" to "i got scared".

the rj ledesma was there. he bought a couple of my comics and twittered about them. ZOMG! 0_0

salamat boss RJ!

speaking of showbiz, a hero tv camera crew came looking for gio, as usual. he he he

...and when they were done with gio, they interviewed any random loser they could find.

and now, on to the cosplayers:

"and when does school run 3 come out, sir?" "soon! soon!"

is it appropriate to tell a cosplayer about how often you've fantasized about their character? probably not. 'specially when their boyfriend's twice your size.

this guy really impressed me with his getup.

he had on a ton of cool military gear.

see what happens when you skip comic conventions, pol medina?! you miss this.

komikon's indie anthology comes out in november, no joke.

you know what they say about guys with big wings?

this guy would go on to win the male cosplay competition.

they didn't win anything, but i was totally charmed by these chrono cross kids.

michael jackson-dancing spiderman was back again. dunno where he got that hat.

in soviet russia, indie comics buy you. or something.

lord vader enjoyed reading ang maskot...

...until i told him he had to pay for it.

sunday was a slow day for comics, as everyone was there for the cosplay. the good thing about it was i got in some doodle time. and so...


that's all from me. see you guys next year!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

metro comic con '10

MCC is in a few hours... will be releasing school run #2 there (it should probably be called #1.5, it's a really short half-chapter). look for me at the komikon table, or the indie go! valley, or walking around. i'll sell the damn comics out of a box if i have to.

if you can't make it to the MCC, i dropped off several copies of school run #2 at sputnik comics. only P15!
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