Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"gatilyo", a short film by chris costello

(language NSFW)

not only is chris costello a great supporter of indie comics through the sputnik comics shop he and his friends manage, but he also occasionally adapts them into short films, which he directs himself.

check out gatilyo, a five-minute piece loosely based on my own comic operasyon.


Miko said...

Wow, Operasyon is really getting around... Komiks, movies... What's next, Operasyon: The Musical? :p

Seriously, I really liked this indie. It was able to capture your komiks' essence. Kudos to Chris and his team!

Can't wait for Operasyon: The Series :D

dyiz said...

waw me ganito na! pasaling pusa ako sa next (n,n)

Jacky Maille said...

I liked the part where the guys in furry costumes got all violent on eachother.

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