Friday, June 25, 2010

kubori kikiam flash game

apparently it's been out there for quite a while, but i've only just found out. best played at work, set at the highest difficulty, with the speakers at full volume.

play it here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

fan art time!

reyes from operasyon, by josel nicolas. i love how josel's reyes looks so different but feels so right.

a speak-softly-big-stick kind of maskot by dj legaspi. love the psyched kids and horrified parent.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

"ang maskot" in espresso comics magazine

espresso comics magazine is a 40-page, black-and-white, weekly magazine that is given away for free to LRT passengers, ala PDI's libre!

the first issue will be coming out on monday, june 21 and will be available at the following stations at around 4pm:

Edsa – LRT 1
Cubao – LRT 2
Recto – LRT 2

more free copies will be given out the next day (tuesday) at the ermita and robinson's galleria branches of comic odyssey.

the july 12 and july 19 issues will serialize ang maskot in two parts. we're currently working on toning down some of the obscenity for public consumption. :p

what really excites me about espresso is that it's completely free. there's no reason for people not to read it and pass it on. the first print run will be 50,000 copies. if that number stays constant it means 100,000 people might get to read my comic. that is a mind-numbing number to me.

and i'm getting paid, too! more than i could hope to earn in several years of indie conventions and consignments.

i swear, when the maskot issues come out i am going on the train to watch people's reactions. seriously.

more info about espresso comics here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

summer's over.

and i just remembered i have a blog.

so the kids are back in school. i should get back to running, something i promised myself i would keep up during the summer but did not. i sat on my ass for two months and all of a sudden one day decided a stand-up desk setup was for me and without any kind of preparation stayed on my feet for 6-8 hours a day. my right ankle did not like it and on the fourth day it swelled up and now i am neither running nor standing very much at all.

i've been writing a weekly-ish column for the philippine online chronicles, mostly about komiks.

i should start working on the next issue of school run, due out at MCC in august.

i've got stuff appearing in certain publications, which is very exciting for me but will be spoken of in detail at another time.

first things first: if all goes well i will be at toycon on sunday, selling comics and ogling toys that i cannot afford.
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