Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sputnik komiks signing-slash-inuman

mental note: friday night signings? not a good idea. everyone's out having lives. thankfully the following distinguished individuals were present to provide their company and stimulating intellectual discourse:

that's me at left, then michael david and andrew villar.

gio paredes and johnny danganan. note the beer bottles on the table, the contents of which contributed significantly to the quality of our conversation. topics discussed were what you would expect from a bunch of guys with two or three red horse in them, and very little of it is fit to retell on this blog. i myself did not partake in the drinking, owing to my ethanol allergy (i swell up like a bad circumcision). but i did laugh so much it made my jaw hurt. michael david in particular is an inexhaustible font of kabulastugan.

chez fidelino, manix abrera, johnny and jonas diego. manix was constantly getting ribbed for being popular with the ladies, and being popular in general. i wonder if he's gotten used to that sort of thing.

taken earlier in the night. clockwise from top left: andrew villar, quizmaster paolo cruz, michael, johnny, gio, jejemon hand-heart, me, freely abrigo and rommel estanislao doing some kind of jejemon hand sign. no beers yet at this point so the smiles were a little more crisp.

so, yeah. komiks signing + komikeros + red horse + san mig lite = helluva grand time.

thanks to everyone who stopped by, especially the handful of people who actually asked for signatures (yes there were a few). thanks sputnik! and thanks to andrew villar for some of the photos.


chez fidelino said...

thanks macoy!

dj said...

heart-hand complete with facial expression. pwede! :)

sayang to weekday kasi.

Budjette said...

just in case you haven't seen these...





macoy said...

yessss i've been waiting for adam's article for a while! thanks budjette!

leroy said...

yes, sanay na si manix sa popularity. HAHA

geez, i missed this. sayang

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