Thursday, May 27, 2010

adam david dissects ang maskot

metakritiko's resident pop culture critic and all-around really smart guy adam david has been writing a series of articles on pinoy cartoonists, including manix abrera, josel nicolas and myself:

Macoy’s is a world populated by people stuck in ruts of their own making, living less than exciting lives, either deeply unhappy or regretlessly resigned to their stations in life. The keys to their salvation are mundanely everywhere – birds, soiled clothing, a driverless bus – if only they’d pick up on it, if only they have the desire – the will, the ability – to change both themselves and their lives.

And that is what’s important in Macoy’s stories, especially in
Ang Maskot: the story stems from decisions the characters actively make, whether for good or for bad... they make their own decisions, they glean their own meanings. It is a thoroughly humanist agnostic worldview rendered as shapes on paper.

in a word: whoooooaaaaa.

full article here.


Albert said...

"whoa!" rin ang reaction ko hahahaha!!

amomg feeling ng dinidisect habang buhay ka pa? :)

Anonymous said...

clap, clap! yey, galing :)

oh, ha, kaibigan ko yan si mcoy! bwahahah!

- lucy

dj said...

napakadetalyadong rebyu :)

leroy said...

adam actually got disappointed when i invited manix to be one of the speakers in last year,2nd sem's(?) ACLE. haha weird. why the change.

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