Thursday, May 27, 2010

adam david dissects ang maskot

metakritiko's resident pop culture critic and all-around really smart guy adam david has been writing a series of articles on pinoy cartoonists, including manix abrera, josel nicolas and myself:

Macoy’s is a world populated by people stuck in ruts of their own making, living less than exciting lives, either deeply unhappy or regretlessly resigned to their stations in life. The keys to their salvation are mundanely everywhere – birds, soiled clothing, a driverless bus – if only they’d pick up on it, if only they have the desire – the will, the ability – to change both themselves and their lives.

And that is what’s important in Macoy’s stories, especially in
Ang Maskot: the story stems from decisions the characters actively make, whether for good or for bad... they make their own decisions, they glean their own meanings. It is a thoroughly humanist agnostic worldview rendered as shapes on paper.

in a word: whoooooaaaaa.

full article here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

waku-waku hobby shop

my comics are now available at waku-waku anime hobby shop, located at the fbr arcade on katipunan avenue, near ateneo gate three.

maraming salamat sir joma!

he man covers what's up?

i promise this will be the last youtube vid in a while. it's just too heart-wrenching to pass up.

he-man's (or rather prince adam's) rendition of the 4 non-blondes hit, what's up?:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sputnik komiks signing-slash-inuman

mental note: friday night signings? not a good idea. everyone's out having lives. thankfully the following distinguished individuals were present to provide their company and stimulating intellectual discourse:

that's me at left, then michael david and andrew villar.

gio paredes and johnny danganan. note the beer bottles on the table, the contents of which contributed significantly to the quality of our conversation. topics discussed were what you would expect from a bunch of guys with two or three red horse in them, and very little of it is fit to retell on this blog. i myself did not partake in the drinking, owing to my ethanol allergy (i swell up like a bad circumcision). but i did laugh so much it made my jaw hurt. michael david in particular is an inexhaustible font of kabulastugan.

chez fidelino, manix abrera, johnny and jonas diego. manix was constantly getting ribbed for being popular with the ladies, and being popular in general. i wonder if he's gotten used to that sort of thing.

taken earlier in the night. clockwise from top left: andrew villar, quizmaster paolo cruz, michael, johnny, gio, jejemon hand-heart, me, freely abrigo and rommel estanislao doing some kind of jejemon hand sign. no beers yet at this point so the smiles were a little more crisp.

so, yeah. komiks signing + komikeros + red horse + san mig lite = helluva grand time.

thanks to everyone who stopped by, especially the handful of people who actually asked for signatures (yes there were a few). thanks sputnik! and thanks to andrew villar for some of the photos.

Friday, May 14, 2010

a perfect analogy for philippine politics.

and speaking of monkey business, the sputnik signing is tonight!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the jejemon song

with subtitles, naturally.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

now THAT is live-action street fighter.

as the guy on topless robot said:

Dear Hollywood dipshits:
This is how you do it.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

sputnik signing on may 14!

check out this sweet poster by ambush creator andrew villar.

andrew, gio paredes and myself will be at sputnik comics on may 14, hanging out, signing stuff and basically taking up space. i'll be doing free sketches for anyone who asks. drop by if you have time!

fcbd 2010; school run #1 available at comic odyssey

it was madness yesterday at comic odyssey galleria's free comic book day event. i arrived around 11am and there looked to be about a hundred people standing outside the shop, while the interior was so packed you could throw in a coin and it wouldn't touch the floor. i saw one guy stumble out the door literally gasping for air while holding his credit card aloft. i kid you not.

i was going to hand out some flyers to the people standing in line (better to get my message to them while their loot bags were empty, i thought), but sir sandy offered to put the flyers in with the other free comics they were giving away and i naturally couldn't refuse.

it being my first FCBD, i was surprised at the number of free books. i was expecting the earlier-announced 3-5, but went home with no less than a dozen, including a maxx #1 and a beautiful edition of fractured fables with a mike allred cover. i hear some of the earlybirds received twice that number, including more than a few GNs that were raffled off.

while i waited for the crowd to clear so i could make my delivery of school run #1, there was this Loud Guy yammering to his lady friend about how wolverine used to be the most mysterious comic book character, but since disney bought marvel they gave him a whole backstory. "now he's james howlett?! whassup widdat?!" he exclaimed. i exchanged glances with a couple of other guys going through the back issues, and one of them sing-songed through his teeth, "matagal na siyang si james howletttt...." Loud Guy didn't seem to have heard though, as he kept up his prattle right until i left the store.
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