Wednesday, October 28, 2009

project rooftop honorable mention!

several months ago i joined project rooftop's wolverine costume redesign contest, and sent in this clean-shaven, understated, "comfy" rendition of the berserker x-man:

well, the judges liked it enough to give it an honorable mention on the project rooftop blog! THANK YOU PROJECT ROOFTOP!

in their own (edited) words:

Dean: 7. Ditch the glasses and add some more stubble, and I’m sold.

Chris: 6. A very professorial Logan here — one still seemingly able for battle, but a more studied and measured approach to Wolverine.

Vito: 5. Those glasses are very left field and out of character.

Joel: 5. What’s strapped to his thigh? A gun? What does he keep in those little Liefeld-sized pouches that are strapped over his jacket? Could we lose those?

Ron: 4–looks like it’d be John Lennon’s interpretation of a Halloween Wolvie costume.

mmm, liefeld pouches... they're onto me. :P

check out the rest of the cum laudes here,

the winners are here,

and my own personal picks are below (click to enlarge):


leroy said...

haha. asteeg yung wolverine rendition no. 3 (last picture)

environment-friendly. pero it reminds me of Brokeback Mountain. o_O''

no. 2 is weird. parang bumblebee na ewan na Freddy Krueger. the mask's annoying. Luchador mask?

no. 1 looks like Sabretooth.

anyway, i like the clean look of your Wolverine,very unique, compared sa ibang entries na may dirteh look.

dj said...

nice! i agree with the "more stubble" comment tho, its just not Wolvie without the stubble :)

you should do commissions! *wink* *wink* ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah, more stubble!

hot, hot, hot!

- lucy

mcoy said...

kasama kaya sa powers ni wolverine yung hindi siya ngngangati sa dami ng kanyang facial hair?

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