Wednesday, June 10, 2009

featured on sorta

i work as a freelance character designer with the folks at, and they were recently featured on i got to answer one interview question:

7. What kind of projects do you work on for clients and how did you earn the title of “mascot illustrator”?

Answered by FERDINAND, a mascot illustrator at Basically I get called in when the client wants to project a specific personality, image or message through a character design. Mascots work in a similar fashion to any logo in that they represent the company and its ideals, but mascot designs can also give the consumer some things logos can’t; a face, a look, a human touch. We respond instinctively to eye contact and body language, and that’s the area of expertise for a mascot designer – to try to get the audience to relate to a brand on that intimate, personal level.

full article here.

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