Tuesday, June 9, 2009

budjette tan reviews "ang maskot"!

It is great to see a local creator do a “pop comic” like this. A “pop comic”, as Warren Ellis defined it, is a finite story, a done-in-one, a wakasan-story, that even a non-comic book reader can appreciate. We need more stories like this, to get more people reading comics and to get more people reading locally produced comics.

read the whole thing here.


Anonymous said...

galing, galing!

i'm so proud of you, kuya mcoy!

- lucy

macoy said...

salamat lucy!

Budjette said...

My apologies! Of course, "Jholeebird, is a species-free ambassador of goodwill and quality family dining"! How dare I call him a chicken!



mcoy said...

happens all the time. :)

i think it's part of why the guy in the suit's always so surly. like how grimace keeps getting asked what kind of food he is.

Danry said...

Hi Macoy,

I bought your comicbook last saturday at comic-odyssey. I read Budjette Tan's review and i loved Elmer so I was wondering how can they be related. I was so happy to have bought it, great story and loved the bloopers section as well. Great Work!Keep it up!


macoy said...

hi danry,

thanks for buying the book! glad ya liked it. so was it quite different from elmer? i've only read the first book of that series.

Danry said...

Hi Macoy,

There are similarities like lead characters being ANGRY all the time,simple but creative storytelling and fantastic art.I suggest you complete reading the Elmer book. Its quite a read. Is Mascot your first comicbook?



macoy said...

yup, and hopefully not the last :D

isda said...

I bought my copy at Sputnik. I read the browsing copy twice, til I decided to buy my own copy. And then , when I got home, I read it again. Inulit-ulit ko.

Natuwa ako. Pero di ko pa din ma-grasp yung concept ng story. haha!

macoy said...

pareho lang tayo, di ko rin sigurado kung ano yung concept. kaya nga natuwa ako dun sa rebyu ni budjette, nahanapan nya.

isda said...

ang cool nga,eh. kanya-kanyang interpretation. haha!

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