Thursday, August 7, 2008

yay, more web comics!

new strips for a niche blog about domaining, the business of buying and selling web addresses:

and also a series of strips for a portuguese fan site dedicated to the national football team, benfica.

unfortunately a lot of comments about the characters not looking like the players they should have been based on :(

open call: art in site mag cover

art in site calls itself a "magazine for artists, by artists, about artists". imagine that.

the maiden issue isn't due out until next year, but they're looking for 3,000 people to create [not design, create--you need to mail in the thing you made so they can stick it on the book] 3,000 unique covers for the release. pretty cool idea.

interested? click here to register and reserve a slot. there's still over 2,000 slots left, and you have until september 15. credit to toni for telling me about it.

and speaking of magazines: graphikapinoy is a free, periodical pdf magazine about the local visual arts scene. their latest issue is about pinoy illustrators, some wicked stuff in there :]

via komikero
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