Tuesday, May 6, 2008

beaten by a brazen plagiarist! aaarg!

i'm sure this happens a lot in online design contests, but it sure sucks to have it happen to me.

so the contest is here. it's for a graphic to be used for wedding materials.

my entry:

and here's the last-minute winning entry, submitted about a week after mine. notice the tree:


i contacted the copycat (aka eventual winner) and called her out on her plagiarism. at first she said we must have used the same reference material but i drew my tree from scratch!

she never replied after i told her that.

i also asked the contest holder to have the winner redraw her damned tree.


Robby Villabona said...

You mean they posted the earlier entries online before all entries were in? That's a sham...

mcoy said...

mmm unfortunately. "contest" doesn't accurately describe what takes place. it's no wonder that "respectable" designers tend to stay away from 'em.

ardarel said...

:( di ka ba pwede maglagay ng watermark or something sa mga gawa mo? para iwas nakaw. ay, madali yata i-photoshop yun. :(

mcoy said...

okey ang watermark para di magamit nung client yung design mo. pero pwede paring gayahin ng ibang tao yung konsepto. o sa kasong ito yung mga design elements.

nahuli ko nga siyang nangongopya ulit... copyrighted cartoon character naman ang kinopya nya ngayon.

she is shameless... and if her profile pic is accurate also quite a hottie :p

ardarel said...

"and if her profile pic is accurate also quite a hottie :p"


mcoy said...


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