Saturday, March 22, 2008

the fastest storybook ever made

...took about ten minutes from start to finish, was created under audience pressure, and all began with "draw me a scorpion, papa!":

"a scorpion has a big head, sharp jaws, lots of legs and lots of eyes."
"and a tail!"
"and a tail with a stinger."

"it catches things like grasshoppers in its pincers and stings them with its tail."
"then what?"
"then the grasshopper dies, and the scorpion eats it."

"draw me an ant!"

"the ant is trying to take the grasshopper away from the scorpion! who do you think will win?"
"the ant!"
"the scorpion!"

"you're both wrong!"

"the grasshopper escapes in the middle of the fight!"


POSTSCRIPT: a sequel to this story exists, involving the scorpion and a cockroach; it was, however, deemed unpublishable due to extremely graphic ickyness.


Reno said...

It's amazing how kids are a very rich source of stories. And you don't even have to pay them! :)

mcoy said...

true, true.

wait till they turn into teenagers. ah, the stories they'll tell...

bambie said...

teka namantay na yung grashopper eh. paano nakatakas yun

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