Wednesday, February 20, 2008

meet jojoy. my kid named him.

we first saw jojoy hanging upside-down by his plastic leg band two weeks ago. the band had caught on the trap-door of my father's aviary (it only opens inwards) and at first i thought he was dead, but thankfully he was only exhausted.

but the band had scraped into his leg down to the tendon, so we took him home, disinfected the wound, and borrowed an unused rabbit cage to keep him in. he's been with us now for about a month.

jojoy looks at things. he watches me work at the computer. he coos for his meal when he sees us eating dinner. we feed him a grain mix for pigeons that we keep in a quaker oats tin, hence the product placement.

after he started walking on two legs again we tried letting him roam around the house (if he hasn't just eaten--things are tidier that way), and the kids squeal with delight when he beats his wings to fly across the room, or hang from the curtains, or slip down the side of the couch. he looks around and pecks at things.

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