Wednesday, May 1, 2013

who killed philippine cinema, a TED talk by pepe diokno


1.) a 30% entertainment tax levied by the government throttled local cinema output and creativity in the 90's. bong revilla wrote a bill cutting that tax to 10% in 2009, so things are on the upswing of late. bong, you are forgiven for ang panday 2. but only that.

2.) i wish diokno had talked more about how a screen quota system can be made to work in the philippines. i think it's disgraceful that iron man 3 is playing on 3 out of 4 of our neighborhood screens but when a man loves a woman  it takes a man and a woman only played on one.

3.) films aren't just fluff. they bring jobs and contribute to the GDP. they advertise the philippines (philippine products, culture, tourism) to the world. and the world is starting to take notice.

4.) use your money to change pinoy cinema. watch good films. give negative feedback on bad ones.


jgifederizo said...

Maybe you meant "It Takes a Man and a Woman"...? Anyhoo, thanks for sharing. Will share sa FB.

Like I always said before, the good thing about the almost-death of the Filipino film industry was it became an opportunity for indie films to shine. It made films more relevant again, with more interesting concepts, plots. Gumanda. Nagkaroon ng kuwenta...

macoy said...

salamat sa koreksyon gi! pet peeve ko yang mga song title movies na yan. no recall at all.

the same can be said for komiks... kung hindi nalugi yung atlas, malamang walang indies scene ngayon.

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