Thursday, November 3, 2011

the great game

it's the usual story.

you hear a lot about a certain series ("greatest thing since tolkien!" "HBO's making a series about it!"), you download the first audiobook, like it (roy dotrice voiced the definitive tyrion lannister, as far as i'm concerned), you buy the paper version at booksale (see above), despair of finding the next three paperbacks, buy them at full price (well, NBS cut-price sale price), exclaim "i've never bought a brand-new hardback in my life and i don't plan on starting now!", download the fifth book in audio again.

--get pissed off that dotrice changed a couple of major characters' voices in the fifth audiobook. get pissed that you'll have to wait a couple of years to find out whether x really died or not, or died and come back to life, or whatever.

you try out the HBO series. you love the casting and the script but feel shortchanged by the breakneck pacing. well, it can't be avoided i guess.

you reflect about how popular literature tends to mirror the direction of the world.


winter is coming.


mots said...

favorite ko yan hihih :) nakita mo na ba yung hardbound ng song of ice and fire at graphic novel ng GoT? kainis

macoy said...

hahaha, meron akong emotional barrier (aka kakuriputan) laban sa kahit na anong hardbound, di ako tinatablan nun :D yung sa GN naman, madali lang gawan ng paraan yun, oks lang naman sa akin magbasa ng komiks on-screen, he he

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