Wednesday, March 24, 2010

psst, hey... want some... FREE COMICS?

here's how free comic book day works:

STEP 1- go to participating comics shop on may 1.

STEP 2- receive free comic book.

is it really that simple? YES, IT IS.

and the more comics shops you go to, the higher you chances of getting MORE FREE COMICS!!!

here'a list of foreign titles that will be given away FOR FREE. there will be local titles, too, i think.

for more updates, here's the unofficial facebook page.


Fanboy Wife said...

Is Free Comic Book Day coming that soon?

macoy said...

oh yes. i'm surprised ash hasn't mentioned it.

dj said...

yey! tama, take advantage na. mahal mahal na ng comics ngayon e. maraming magagandang free comics ngayon a.

will definitely get the Marvel one (JR Jr. & Matt Fraction on Thor & Iron Man? astig!) & i'm really looking forward to the Mouse Guard / Fraggle Rock comic & Owly and Friends.

macoy said...

meron din bang namimigay ng local na komiks? di ko pa nasusubukan tong fcbd, e.

dj said...

sana meron din mamigay ng komiks. sir macoy, sabihin mo lang kung mamimigay ka...pupunta ako dun. hehe... :)

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