Monday, March 1, 2010

the man behind macgyver

lifehacker recently did an interview with lee david zlotoff, creator of everyone's favorite blonde mulleted jack-of-all trades action hero (and personal hero of mine), macgyver. highlights follow.

on his source of inspiration for the macgyver character:

Zlotoff: Yeah, I would say ... My dad was sort of the model for MacGyver. He was, by profession, a New York City junior high shop teacher. But he could fix anything, build anything, he was kind of an amateur architect ... plumbing, electrical, wood, metal. You name it, he could do it.

on the numerous macgyver parodies that have sprung up over time:

Zlotoff: Well, The Simpsons jumped all over MacGyver, which, bless 'em (laughs). The two aunts were rabid MacGyver fans. I think they even did an episode where they kidnapped Richard Dean Anderson, and I think he actually did the voice in the episode, which was pretty fun. You know, until they decided they could turn around and make a movie out of it, I thought the MacGruber skits were hysterical.

on a full-length macgyver movie being in the works:

Zlotoff: We have a writer working on a script, and we're anxiously looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

full interview here.

i would soo love to see an older richard dean anderson come back and show the kids how things were done before cell phones and the internet... oh wait, that was die hard 4.


dj said...

basta may mullet pa din. go ako jan!

macoy said...

it wouldn't be mac without the mullet, huh?

tsaka si murdoch, 100% cyborg na dapat.

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