Sunday, November 15, 2009

sputnik autograph signing pics!

it was an honor and a pleasure to be part of sputnik's autograph signing event last night/early morning at cubao x. everything was perfect, the people were great, the food was great (yes they fed us), and i got to check out the shop's varied and interesting clientele (i'd never seen so much liquor in a comics shop before!).

gio paredes was there with fellow bayan knighters levy and renie, and randy valiente dropped by to check things out. josel nicolas impressed an autograph-seeker with a cute little bear's head:

awwww sweet.

one last photo with paolo and chez before leaving, around 130am.

thanks a bunch, guys! and thanks to everyone who dropped by!

it was sputnik-tacular!

AND ALSO be sure to check out

today's sunday inquirer, featuring the "sputnik gang":

quick, before the newsstands close!


oscar said...

wow, dinadaanan ko lang ito dati. Am scared to enter because it's looks as if the entire establishment is melting (just kidding hehehe) Seriously, the place is way cool you'll have this feeling that you've been warped to another time. Bringing up the nostalgic aroma of my childhood memories (Cubao is a historical place for me. The biggest National bookstore build there where I got my first dictionary, Jollibees's first store was established there. The Live Animated Figures depicting x-mas stories in front of C.O.D. can be seen there w/c was tranfered at Greenhills.) Albeit, Sputnik is a derivative from a Russian Satellite and the flagship brand and one of the few genuine specialty store. Its a new warped zone experience. The old and new authentic treasures is a sure win. I would like to commend Quark Henares, Chris Costello, Chez Fidelino, and Lyle Sacris for being a guardian in setting up Sputnik. Ruel S. De Vera is right is qouting "It is Diagon Alley and the Mos Espa Spaceport at the same time." Lovely article. For Sir Gerry Alanguilan for posting this and for the unending love for his art.

chez fidelino said...

thanks so much, macoy, for gracing us with your presence. i'll be swiping some photos here ha? yay!

Hazel Manzano said...

reposted some in my blog

Anonymous said...

you're like super di na maabot, k.mcoy!

congratulations :)

- lucy

mcoy said...

@oscar, thanks for... uh... re-posting your exact comments from sir gerry's blog?

@chez, help yer self! penge rin ng pics, ah

@hazel, sure ting, pating

@lucy, naaabot parin ako ng mga kliyente kong naghihintay ng trabahong di ko nagagawa dahil sa kakaatupag sa KOMIKSSSS!

Anonymous said...

ui! ako ung nagpa-autograph nun wahaha

macoy said...

^ehehe, okey lang bang pinost ko yung litrato mo? sabihin mo lang kung gusto mong ipatanggal.

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