Thursday, October 15, 2009

my shirts are crap, but they're free :)

i finally went to pick up the "ang maskot" shirts from the printers... and they're a bit of a disaster:

this is what the original designs looked like. as you can see THEY FORGOT THE WHITE LAYER AND THE BORDER AROUND THE IMAGES. and print quality wasn't so hot either.

the white shirt isn't so bad:

the red one is pretty much useless.

the blue one is somewhere in the middle.

i seriously think it would be unethical to charge money for these shirts, so i'll be giving them away instead, first come first served. you can call dibs by commenting on this post. the rest will be given away to buena mano customers at this sunday's komikon at megamall.

these are the colors and sizes availabe:

men's sizes
L - white, red, blue
M - red, blue

women's sizes
XL - blue
L - blue

quantities are very limited.

more about the picca fest/komikon here.


Anonymous said...

bwahahaha, akin na yung isa!

- lucy

macoy said...

pang boys o girls? :P

anong size?

Anonymous said...

naliliitan ka ba sa ken, ha?!

syempre yung kasya sa ken, no!

- lucy

macoy said...

fine, fine. e kelan ba tayo ulit magkikita?

Miko said...

Do you have new books this Sunday? I already have both your books, so I'm out with the "buena mano" thingie...

Dibs instead to the WHITE SHIRT :D


gilbert said...

dibs here!!


i got ur book last MMC at mega mall!! hehe..

binilhan ko lang si miko!! kaya madami nabili ko! hahahaha...

dj said...

blue large please!

can i reserve my girlfriend too?

if not, sabihan ko na lang sya mag post din dito. hehehe!


macoy said...

miko. gilbert, dj, seyb na kayo.

dj, anong size ng GF mo?

Miko said...

Thanks, Macoy!

If I buy another copy of "Ang Maskot" and "Operasyon," can I have another BLUE Large SHIRT for my girlfriend as well? :D

And, yeah, Gilbert did gave me copies of your books for my birthday last August :p

leroy said...

i like! :D yay, pareserve ng medium. haha

dj said...


it was nice meeting you and maraming salamat sa t-shirts!

it made our day. sinuot agad ni dawn (my gf) after namin mag lunch. hehehe!

maraming salamat din for entertaing our babbling & for signing our comics.

we're looking forward sa planned nyong series.

nakalimutan ko pala magpa-sketch sa Secret Invasion #1 ko ng Skrull in the Jollibird costume...well, next time. hehehe! thanks again!

Miko said...

Thanks so much for the shirts, Macoy! We really love it. Although you're right, the red one is a bit bloody :p

Sarah and I enjoyed chatting with you. Thank you for being so accommodating.

Oh, we'll be waiting for your new series as well :D

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