Tuesday, December 29, 2009

satirical cartoons in ancient egypt

found this on bibliodyssey-- it's described as "Satirical anthropomorphic 'cartoons' from an ancient Egyptian papyrus manuscript".

in his book understanding comics, scott mc cloud points out that ancient egyptian paintings often depicted a sequence of events and thus could be considered a predecessor of today's comics.

this manuscript demonstrates another commonality--that of satirical intent. not only did the egyptians tell stories in pictures, they did so to make fun of one another, too!

Friday, December 25, 2009

seasonal advertising: m&m's

because nothing says christmas like a reindeer shoved up your ass.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

tom herpich

made this awesome, awesome comic.

there's also an awesome, awesome interview.

can't wait to see more adventure time, it's a trip.

herpich bros. blog here.

michael cho

made this geeky marvel christmas card. never knew ben grimm was jewish.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

amazon.com product description for "el indio" gets it wrong

i was pretty excited to stumble across vibal's reprint of coching's el indio on amazon.com. world's biggest online marketplace, baby! but then i saw it was marked "unavailable".

and then i read this in the description:

"[The hero] joins a rebel group led by the enigmatic Kapitan Martin Castillo, who bequeths [sic] to him the salakot belonging to the infamous native outlaw Sabas."

kapitan castillo, a tulisan commander? that's like saying darth vader led the rebel alliance.

paging whoever writes amazon's product descriptions... get your shit together!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

teaser pics

got some pictures in my email.

i think they're about some sort of moving picture show.

based on some comic book.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

whilce portacio on USA Today

budjette tan points out a usatoday article about whilce's latest efforts to bring local artists together:

Portacio has two parallel missions: one, to establish the first professional network of Filipino artists and two, to activate this network for charitable causes. The network's main goal is to unite Filipino artists in order to gain recognition within the creative industries while, at the same time, creating career paths for future generations of art professionals.

portacio goes on to spill the beans re: that renaissance thing next month:

"It's a charity auction that will provide money to some of these artists who have fallen on tough times. I got the top Filipino artists together to create pieces for this auction. Their mission was to create a Filipino superhero. I told them, 'You're world-class artists, make a character that kids in the Philippines can look up to, can be inspired by.'"

aha... too bad i had to get the details from a foreign newspaper.

but by far the most exciting statement for me was this:

Portacio would ultimately like to use the network to set up an artistic academy where the older and contemporary artists can teach rising generations.

"The charity work is a helping hand, it's a short-term fix. I like to look at the long-term, though. I want to give these older artists who have all of this skill and knowledge an opportunity to pass on what they know to the kids. I want the modern-day guys to come back and show kids how to make it in today's creative industries. As teachers, they can provide direction. As mentors, they can provide inspiration."

whoa. mega - whoa.

full article here


marvel invades disney

or is it the other way around? anyways, this made me laugh. click to zoom in.


Monday, December 14, 2009

first look: lapu-lapu by francisco coching

the Great Komiks Comeback sure has its work cut out for it.

case in point: i asked the saleslady at national bookstore for the new lapu-lapu graphic novel republished by atlas, and she led me to an obscure corner of the textbook section, where coching's masterwork sat beside the elementary school newsprint editions of ibong adarna, florante at laura, etc.

makes sense, yeah? graphic classics in filipino. but placing lapu-lapu in that section may well prove a death sentence, because no one browses those shelves. school curriculi keep balagtas in print, but coching is not similarly blessed by academia. so please, please someone ask national bookstore to display this book where it belongs, in the comics section, beside pugad baboy, kikomachine, underpass and other graphic novels!

sigh. pictures:

as you can see, atlas' lapu-lapu (6.2"x8.75") is significantly smaller than vibal's el indio (7.75"x11"). the smaller size means it's cheaper (a great deal at P120 compared to el indio's hefty P600 tag), but it also takes a definite hit to readability. i'll be needing my reading glasses for this.

editorial preface.

internal page. click to zoom in and you'll see a faint horizontal line across lapu-lapu's neck. my copy has a lot of similar printing errors. i also suspect that the aspect ratio was narrowed a little to force-fit the pages onto their small format; the characters' faces look wonky at times.

nice move, datu! i wonder if moe learned this from him.

back cover featuring coching's other titles.

i haven't read through the book yet but i'll post a review when i can. my first impression though is it's a really good product (EDIT: except for the purple cover). good price point for experimentation by first-time readers, print quality doesn't suck (the binding took a bit of punishment while i was scanning those internal pages)... good deal all around. it's a shame that such a significant book has so far flown beneath everyone's radar. i pray that national bookstore displays it properly, and that atlas gives it the marketing support it deserves.

check out the comments section on this post by gerry alanguilan for more info.

francisco coching
edited by terry bagalso
116 pages
black and white

atlas reprints coching's "lapu-lapu"

so atlas has released a couple of preview images for the lapu-lapu compilation that they don't seem to want people to know about (click to enlarge images):

hooray, etc. etc.

i hate to play the part of doomsayer but atlas' republishing foray fills me with dread. you can't just plop stuff onto bookshelves and pray for a miracle, you gotta market that shit. let's say times are hard and atlas doesn't have a budget. still, social media sites are free. blogs are free. sending out press releases is free. frickin' deviantart is free. anything, atlas! anything!

and what happens if lapu-lapu doesn't sell? we can say goodbye to further reprints. and who loses out then?


atlas publishing: how to fail at komiks

step one: run your comics monopoly to the ground.

step two: don't try to revive the company with compelling new ideas. instead, make lame-ass copies of whatever other people are doing at the moment. superheroes are hot? make ATX. w.i.t.c.h. selling like hotcakes? come out with c.h.a.r.m. vibal publishes an el indio compliation? republish lapu-lapu.

step three: don't let anybody know about your project. no press releases, book launches, blog posts, nothing. yes, your book must escape even google's all-seeing eye.

step four: repeat step three for subsequent compilation releases.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

barrio manifesto 2 by ammathorn

ammathorn makes enigmatic, surreal comics in this scratchy, kinetic style that i can't keep my eyes off of. check out his deviantart here.

barrio manifesto #2 is the only title of his i could find in comics stores. at P100 for 21 pages it is the priciest b&w indie out there i think, but man, this stuff looks awesome (click to embiggen):

this metaphysical dream-tale unfolds as idiosyncratically as ammathorn's drawing style. it takes some getting used to, but part of the fun is putting the seemingly random bits together into a narrative whole.

ammathorn's highly anticipated (by me) next book will feature agent knuckle, his supercool bullet-headed secret agent from heaven, going up against ol' jolly saint nick. he better watch out!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

fell off a couple wagons, or, how to set up a 2.5 gallon aquarium tank

it's been a bad week for dealing with past addictions--machinarium got me hooked bad. now i've been jonesing for more point-and-click... grim fandango looks promising. yeah i could try it out, just to taste. i can stop anytime i want.

i quit fishkeeping a decade ago, thought i'd kicked the habit for good. but when the kids went on a field trip to bio research, those sneaky so-and-sos handed out free goldfish. free goldfish! now i could've been a pragmatic parent and flushed the things down the toilet right away; or a typical parent and bought a cheap fishbowl with plastic mermaid and hot pink "plants" and overfed the fish until they drowned in their own excrement; but oh no. once an aquarist always an aquarist. first we kept them in a punch bowl for a few days (100% water changes everyday, but not straight from the faucet, you let the water breathe for a day or so to reach room temp and release its chlorine).

then i bought the smallest tank available (P190, pencil in photo for scale) , and splurged a bit on an external overhanging filter with powerhead, cause we didn't have those in my day (P650). a corner filter/air pump combo would've been more practical at around P300.

next was some gravel (P30--should've just gone to the construction site down the road but i was feeling lazy). rinsed--no soap!--and boiled.

i wanted a dark substrate so i had my volunteer assistants pick out as many of the light-colored stones as their attention spans could tolerate:

half-filled the tank and put in a couple of live plants (goldfish eat plants but what the hey):

then i put the tank in its designated corner in the office, filled it, plugged in the filter and lamp (P150 at the palengke, more presentable ones can be bought at the pet shop for P350).

add fish, turn everything on, feed a few flakes twice a day for six days a week, change 25-30% of the water every week, and enjoy!

the filter pump had more kick than i'd expected and there's a faster current in there than i'd like, but the goldfish seem to be taking it well, and it'll be perfect for the danios i plan to replace them with once they get too big. YES NEW FISH MORE PLANTS GRAVEL CLEANER ALGAE WIPE PH TEST KIT DRIFTWOOD BUY BUY BUT NOT A PESO GOES TO BIO RESEARCH, SA AKIN ANG HULING HALAKHAK, HA HA HA

this morning we noticed one of the fish was missing. after a fruitless search of the surrounding area we initially concluded that it had jumped out of the tank during the night and had been totally consumed by ants.

just then it leaped out of the overhead filter and back into the tank.

somehow it had swum up the downspout like a salmon going up a waterfall. well done little shubunkin! it cowered for several minutes at the foot of one of the plants, looking all, 'what the hell just happened?!'

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