Saturday, May 24, 2008

this brings back memories

college/high school reunion season is upon us, and this post from the totally excellent advertising is good for you triggered a reverie of lazy undergrad afternoons.

in college, this guy was me:

only instead of a cubicle it was a student's club room, and instead of a jacket i wore a t-shirt with holes, and instead of a really low chair i slept on the floor.

i could do the same thing now but it's just isn't the same at home.


ardarel said...

gusto mo send ko sayo mga blast from the past pics ng frukies na nandun ka. :)

mcoy said...


ba't me litrato ako kasama ng frukies? :)

ardarel said...

meron, hehe! di ka nga lang bida, syempre. email ko sayo.

dedpish said...

ooh, san ka nag-college?

*sana UP.haha*

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